Sample Daily Schedule

Freedom and responsibility are inextricably intertwined throughout Thrive’s philosophy and design.  The daily schedule is structured to reflect that.  Learners will have a regular rhythm and will be expected to acquire knowledge, master skills and achieve goals, but the daily schedule will be somewhat fluid to allow for personal choice and a diverse range of group learning opportunities.  We provide the guard rails and the learners drive within them.  Typically, we will focus on core skills in the morning and Quests (project-based learning) during the afternoon.  Reading, writing workshops, town hall meetings, art, physical education and other “specials” will be interspersed throughout.

More often than not, learners are free to move about the studio and learn wherever and however they are most comfortable, so long as they do not disrupt their peers or detract from the learning community while doing so. 

Each day is viewed as a learning arc with a uniform structure. It is conceptually nested into standard learning arcs of increasing length with uniform components of their own: week, session (3-7 weeks), and year.  This pattern underpins ritual, inculcates habits, and generates synergy while enabling both the self-directed learner to pursue goals at their own pace and the larger tribe to collectively engage tried and true learning activities in a systematic fashion.


Sample Daily Schedule for Discovery Studio

8:00 Student Arrival and Free Time

8:30 Opening Circle & Daily Launch

8:45 Core Skills (Reading/Math/Writers Workshop)

10:45 Specials (Art, PE, D.E.A.R, Town Hall Meetings, etc.)

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Free Time

1:00 Quest Time/Occasional Specials

2:45 Studio Maintenance

3:00 Closing Group

3:15 Dismissal