Our Story


Hello, my name is Matt Curtis. Shatay, my wife, and I have decided to open Thrive Academy, in Stamford, CT.

We have never been satisfied with schooling’s status quo and are hoping to provide our daughters the best learning environment possible.  We want our daughters’ education to encourage leaders, not followers. We would like them to be active far more than they are passive and engaged in a process that focuses on freedom and responsibility, rather than institutional compliance.  Our daughters will not be aligned with state standards.  They will explore their interests and develop their strengths.  Intrinsic motivators, as opposed to extrinsic distractions, will fuel the learning.  We want our daughters to be learning for learning’s sake, not purported status or jobs and paychecks that may not exist down the road.  In addition to learning to know, we want our daughters to learn to do and be.  Ultimately, we want our daughters to be excited by the opportunity to learn.  We find it hard to ignore the fact that, at some point, Mondays regularly became the worst day of the week in our home.

We don’t believe that any single method or system will work for each and every child. There are no universal solutions. Learning is too complex for that. We are strongly convinced, however, that Thrive Academy will be a great fit for many. We also believe that every child should be enabled to discover and develop their unique strengths. The world needs them. We are wicked excited to actualize this vision and are looking forward to being part of a learning community that is more concerned about inspiring learners to do great things than it is standardization and rote knowledge.  Let’s launch a hero’s journey and help reinvent schooling. 

We look forward to meeting you.

Matt and Shatay