Year 1, Session 1, Week 1

First week was as exciting as it was challenging! A few of the things we have accomplished thus far: 1) Developed a studio maintenance system that involves everyone in the upkeep of our learning space, 2) Narrowed our list of prospective mascots down to three, 3) Approved a provisional contract to establish our core norms and 4) Practiced our lip dub (see below for a shot pirated from the production floor)

lip dub practice.png

Learners are finding it challenging to reform some of the habits they developed in conventional schooling (e.g. waiting for others to evaluate their work and going into stasis when they are not told what to do, defaulting to following rather than leading, struggling to see that the question/problem is at least as important as the “answer",” etc.) but they seem eager to engage this new approach to learning. The Heroes would like to see their tribe grow as many of the activities would be more stimulating with additional participants. Let us know if you are interested in learning more! If you are a pioneer, innovator, and/or someone who believes education can be done better at scale, please check out the Founding Hero Scholarship at

Matt Curtis