Year 1, Session 1, Week 4

Bees are acclimating to SMART Goals and the process of setting their own targets and monitoring their related progress. Bees successfully achieved most of their SMART goals this week. After a couple weeks of Writers' Workshops, everyone is close to completing a draft of three different poems: ode, haiku and free verse. We will move into the revision and editing stages of the writing process next week. Bees also completed their studio covenant, which establishes the promises they have made to themselves and each other in the hopes of creating a world-class learning environment. Bees continue to struggle, however, with how to best promote the desired behaviors and address infractions. The Bees will be invited to sign the Covenant during a formal dinner meeting this coming week. They are not used to being involved in such critical processes at school! Perhaps the most exciting development this week was teaming up with our friends from Workspace in Bethel to start a Destination Imagination team/process (Thank you Workspace!). We are super excited to be getting involved in this awesome program!

Matt Curtis