Year 1, Session 1, Week 3

The Bees began art classes this week! First project is "alternative books." The heroes modify a book by adding/replacing pictures and revising text to create their own personalized tales. It was a big hit!

This session we are focusing on poetry during Writers’ Workshop. Bees are in the second stage of the writing process and have crafted drafts of haiku and free verse poems.

We are continuing to write our Studio Covenant and have spent a lot of time experimenting to discover which rules and consequences work best. Our ultimate goal is to create a framework that will support a world-class learning environment. During one of this week’s Socratic Discussions the Bees advocated for 24-hour surveillance. Presently, they consider “evidence” and “justice” to be more important than “privacy.” We look forward to testing and reflecting upon such beliefs further as we continue constructing our studio contract, which will be signed by all members of our learning community and then presented at our Celebration of Learning. The Celebration concludes our first session and is open to the public on Friday, October 11th from 3:30 to 4:30 at 471 Glenbrook Road.

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Matt Curtis