Year 1, Session 1, Week 2

After careful consideration, the Thrive Academy learning tribe selected the bumblebee as their mascot this week (for at least the first year of its existence).


Heroes also continued on with the “Contract Game,” which presents a structured opportunity to experiment with a range of rules/promises to determine which are most likely to support a world-class learning environment.

Heroes still tend to become frustrated when I will not answer a question. One bee emitted a loud “Argh” when I asked “How could you figure that out?” in response to her asking me how to spell a word. My attempts to avoid providing ready made answers have become a joke of sorts and while the learners frequently ask lower-order questions, they have slowly started to see themselves as more capable in such regards and are beginning to tap other sources of information in a more independent manner!

If you would like to learn why the bumblebee was selected as our mascot and much more about our first six-week session, join us for our first celebration of learning (public presentation) on October 11th from 3:30 to 4:30 at 471 Glenbrook Road!

Matt Curtis