Year 1, Session 1, Week 5

Start-up life is challenging (particularly when you are worried about how it may impact your family). This past week, I found this (unsolicited) doodle in my daughter’s/Bee's workspace. I felt like it was the Universe's way of telling me to embrace the process (or as she would say, "Namaste Bro"). Onwards and upwards!!


This past week we also made the most progress on our SMART Goals yet. Bees are starting to develop effective goals and personally monitor their own progress! Only one "yellow" day (some difficulties were not successfully navigated, but nothing too serious and Bee will be able to get back on track by him or herself) for a single Bee this week. Every Bee's week in full was "green" (all goals successfully achieved and planned progress acquired!)

SMART Goals 10.4.19.jpg

The Bees have also entered the final stage of the writing process (publishing) on all three of their poems for this session’s Writers’ Workshop. Probably, the most exciting accomplishment this past week was the official signing of our “Bumblebee Promise,” which is the social covenant that the Bees carefully crafted over several weeks of discussion, reflection and trial and error. We all signed the document and reiterated our promises verbally to each other after having a celebratory lunch at a local restaurant. This contract is one of the most important elements supporting our community and is designed to help us create and sustain a world-class learning environment. I would share the promises here, but the Bees would like to do so first at their Celebration of Learning, which will take place Friday, October 11th from 3:30 to 4:30 at 471 Glenbrook Road.

Matt Curtis