The Studios at Thrive Academy are comfortable and flexible spaces for work, learning, and play.  Each Studio will be a tight-knit community of mixed-age learners who support each other and collaborate daily. While the spaces are designed with fun and joy in mind, we take these spaces and the growth that they catalyze very seriously. The students work together to create rules to structure and govern their respective studio in a manner that reflects that.

Discovery Studio.jpg

Discovery Studio (Ages 6-10)

Thrive Academy will begin with a Discovery Studio, a place where younger students come together to learn core skills, and develop life skills and character while having ample opportunities for collaboration, exploration, and free play. Children use hands-on materials as well as adaptive technology to build a strong foundation of core skills. Younger children have more time to explore and play, one of the most effective ways for young children to develop social and problem solving skills. They learn how to set goals, work collaboratively, and love learning, while also helping and being helped by their friends in the Studio.


Passages Studio (Ages 11-13)

In Fall of 2020, Thrive Academy will launch a Passages Studio (Middle School Studio) for students ages 11-13 who have already proven that they are able to work independently.  These students will work on difficult real-world problems and learn to write and think more deeply. Students continue collaborating, building their character and developing relationships with their studio-mates.  Learners are also prepared to engage apprenticeships during this period.  This Studio ultimately brings students to a deeper understanding of their character, who they are and where they are headed.